Our Specialities

Candidates who can hit the ground running in specialised settings

Many healthcare settings and roles are specialised. No problem, Verve Health can help. We provide candidates with a range of specialist skills and experience to help your team perform at its best.

Acquired Brain Injury Care and Support

Helping people to live with or recover from a brain injury requires a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience. We are proud to have a dedicated team that meet all the specialist requirements. 

Dementia Care

People living with dementia are on a journey. The different stages of different types of dementia all present challenges for carers. Understanding that each person is unique and interacting on their terms is a skill that demands specific personal and professional qualities. All our staff are specifically and extensively trained in dementia awareness so you can be confident in their abilities. 

Learning Disabilities

Verve Health work with a large number of specialised Learning Disability settings across the UK. We actively seek staff with a variety and wealth of experience in this area and build upon this with even more specialised training to ensure that service users get the very best emotional and practical support that is appropriate to their specific needs. 

Mental Health

All our team are trained in depth on the world of Mental Health to gain knowledge and understanding, as well as to develop their existing skills in order to provide the best possible care and support to individuals. We take great pride in the abilities of our dedicated Mental Health support team. 

What Our People Say

“As a private hospital having motivated, experienced and caring nurses and HCAs is of utmost importance to us and our patients. We’ve worked with Verve for over a year and they’ve always been responsive, helpful and efficient. The clinicians they’ve booked with us are fantastic and have fit right into our team.”

Raja K Pitalia
Head of Commercial (Medical, Radiology & Cosmetic Surgery)
Pall Mall Medical

“I love working with Verve Health. The training I received covered everything I needed to know and more! The management team are so supportive and genuinely care about their staff and the quality of care provided to service users.”

Noura Alkahwaji
Staff member

“From experience as a healthcare professional, I truly understand the need for reliable, highly skilled and professional staff that can hit the ground running in any environment. I am exceptionally proud of our recruitment and training standards in being able to consistently achieve this. We lead with values of integrity, empathy and compassion, and this can be seen in everything we do.”

Lydia Farrell
Healthcare Branch Manager